Calculate and compare the actual repayment considering your moratorium period, partial disbursements, and more!

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Education Loan EMI Calculator

Education loan repayment is one of the greatest concerns that bothers higher education aspirants when they think about funding their higher studies with the help of an education loan. When aspirants think of borrowing an education loan to fund their studies, the very first factor that is taken into account is the amortization schedule of the lender whom they plan on approaching. So how do you go about it? This online education loan calculator has been developed by the financial team of WeMakeScholars to help such applicants plan their education loan repayment schedule in a systematic manner.

This particular education loan EMI calculator has a very simple interface, thus making it easy for both loan applicants (students), as well as their co-applicants (parents/other family members) to calculate their monthly education loan repayment amount. Apart from that, it also enables students to customize their calculations by helping them to factor in their grace period, education loan moratorium period, partial education loan interest payment, full education loan interest payment, flexible disbursals of the education loan, etc.

What makes it better than the Education loan EMI calculators on the bank’s website?

Many students refer to bank specific websites for the Education Loan EMI Calculator before availing the education loan. But to be honest, we have checked all such links but didn’t find it to have any useful features. It was more or less a copy of their home loan EMI calculator which has totally different maths behind it. So, here are some bank specific features, you will find in this EMI calculator.

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